From Ventura, California
To Southern Utah


Current Happenings

Public Pianos
Coming to Downtown
St. George

The idea began in a staff meeting, while we were reading a book called "For the Love of Cities". Public pianos, just like the one in Downtown Ventura. I said, "My home town had one!" and then the idea became reality. To bring pianos to Downtown St. George and provide a space for music in our parks.

piano 2.webp
Sneak Peak to a Current Conceptual Piece titled
"Cutting Corners"
Black clay and locally sourced sediment from 4 locations

As an installation wall piece, this work will be exhibited in the upcoming Clay Invitational at the St. George Art Museum.


Looking at how we cut corners in all things we do, but also how nature cuts corners in the way she shapes landscapes in geologically active areas.

Vessel Works 
With Locally Sourced Clay

I was angry so I got to making. Dug up some earth and got into the studio. Built this vessel in one sitting. Fired it and hoped it would not blow up, a similar feeling I have towards myself at times. But when she came out of the kiln, I knew the growth was worth the struggle.

Hand built and fired to cone 5
50/50 Found Clay and Commercial Clay