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About Me

My name is Natalie Gula and I am a ceramic artist based out of Southern Utah. I received my B.A. in Studio Arts from California State University Channel Islands in May of 2020 and have since been on the road exploring the Wild West. 



My name is Natalie Gula and I am a ceramic artist. I entered the world of clay eight years ago at a junior college studying Art History and quickly learned the value of clay and the realness of making. By incorporating landscapes of the natural world and a region's history into functional ceramic dishware, my work communicates a deeper appreciation of the relationship between art and ritual. Ancient cultures used materials that were readily available to them to tell us a story about their civilization and ideologies. Putting this idea into modern functional dishware reveals to us a story each time we interact with such pieces within our daily ritual of eating and drinking.


My conceptual art is based on the connection between my own human experience within nature and expressing the beauty of the inhospitable. As an artist, I feel a deep responsibility to relay the emotions felt in the wild into my work as a way of preserving natural and cultural resources. Through intertwining philosophy and spirituality with found materials, I can capture moments that could happen in a second or drag on for eternity and in turn take those moments out of context to bring attention to the subtleties of such material.


The material that is used matters and conveys meaning, whether it is through burnt objects from wildfires, marine debris, or locally sourced clay. I attempt to draw a parallel between environment, material, and ritual as I believe it is the job of an artist to highlight the sublime found in nature.



Ventura College

A.A. in Art History. This is where I studied Art History, Philosophy, and began my love of ceramics.


San Francisco State University

During a year spent in SF, I finished a year at SFSU studying Ceramics,
Art History, and Philosophy.


California State University Channel Islands

After transferring back to Ventura County, I began my courses at CSUCI where I shifted into a focus of Studio Arts. Being a student technician, I immersed myself in the ceramic and sculpture studios, and was also extremely involved with the University's Santa Rosa Island Research Station on Channel Islands National Park for various art and conservation projects.



-Manager of the St. George Art Museum

-Board Member for Clay Arts Utah

-Ceramics teacher at the Tilted Kiln Studio, St. George, Utah

-Spearheaded a Public Piano Initiative for the City of St. George, installing 4 pianos in the Downtown Arts district which were painted by local artists, including teachers from WCSD.

-Art Conversation Guest Speaker at the St. George Art Museum, gave a talk on my trip to NCECA and recent museum art purchases.

-Attended NCECA 2022, Sacramento CA

-Attended Creative Age Conference 2022, St. George Utah

-Marketing and Social Media for the St. George Art Festival

-Coordinated Adjudication for the St. George Art Festival

-Coordinated the annual Soup n' Bowl Fundraiser for the SGAM.

-Taught a Community Pot Throw at the St. George Rec Center 

-Was awarded "Innovation of the Year" award for Artie the Art Bus by the Utah Recreation & Parks Association on behalf of the Leisure Services Department, City of St. George.



-Commission for 100 pinch pot cups

-Ojai Farmers Market

-CSUCI Napa Gallery, Installation of bark and earth

-Consulted on the building of a ceramic studio in a private home

-SRIRS Student Committee President

-Takoma Ceramics, art teacher

-Bell Arts First Fridays

-Student Technician at CSUCI, ceramic and sculpture studios

-Seaward Brewing Company, created Art Tap'd Event for local artists

-Built out a Ford Econoline Van to live and travel in during COVID

-Guest for SRIRS Speaker Series

-Tilted Kiln, ceramic art teacher

-Interview for ABC4 Utah on "Good Things Utah"

-Commission for 16 small bowls, Berkeley CA

-Separate commissions for 4 bowls and 2 mugs, 4 bowls and 4 mugs, Ventura CA

-Commission for 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 mugs, Thousand Oaks CA

-Awarded and recognized for my work at the City of St. George Leisure Services BBQ.

-Community Pot Throw for St. George Art Museum Soup N' Bowl Fundraiser event.

-Collaborated on St. George Art Museum's ARTIE the Art Bus

-Hosted a monthly Critique Night at the St. George Art Museum.

-Wrote and executed lesson plans for a Children's National Park Themed Clay Camp at the Tilted Kiln ceramics studio in Utah.

-Taught multiple 6 week throwing classes and 4 week hand building clay classes at the Tilted Kiln ceramics studio in Utah.

-Guest Speaker for SRIRS Speaker Series; gave a talk about my journey to Utah, my artwork, and overall experience as a CSUCI Alumni in the art world.

-Accepted a proclamation for Arts and Humanities Month on behalf of the St. George Art Museum from City Council

-Recorded an episode for "Culture Bytes" podcast for Utah Cultural Alliance about the St. George Art Museum's education efforts.

-Attended St. George Arts Summit 2021

-Organized and installed two exhibits for the St. George Marathon; Ibigawa, Japan Sister City Gifts as well as a Marathon Shirt Display from all 45 years.

-Volunteered for the St. George Marathon: Finish Line and VIP bus.

-Temporary Supervisor for Thunder Junction All Abilities Park

-Championed an internship program at the St. George Art Museum in conjunction with the City of St. George and Dixie State University.

-Volunteer of coordinating efforts for Clay Con West 2022 ceramic's conference in St. George, Utah.

-Juror for the Reflections Art Contest at Little Valley Elementary School

-Guest Speaker and Presenter at Coral Canyon Elementary as a visiting ceramic artist

-Attended the Utah Museum Association's Conference for 2021




-Installation of "Remnants of Thomas" in an invitational show titled EVOLVE at the Project Space in Downtown Ventura. February.

-Volunteered at Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology, Woodfire Ceramics, Northern California, May.

-Napa Gallery on CSUCI Campus, large hand built ceramic sculpture series, May.

-Young Achiever Award in Anchor Magazine, 2 page spread in August 2019 edition.

-Co-curated the Channel Islands Marine Debris Art Show at Ventura Coast Brewery, September.

-Takoma Ceramics, art teacher

-First Friday Open Studio at Bell Arts Factory, Ventura

-Studio Technician at CSUCI, ceramic and sculpture studios

-NCECA Minneapolis, volunteered as a workshop leader for a World Record, the most people in one room making tea pots.

-Workshop leader at Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS), art department and early childhood development collaboration trip.

-Volunteer for Marine Debris Research projects with CSUCI and SRIRS in Channel Islands National Park

-SRIRS Student Committee President, founded a biweekly speaker series for professionals within Channels Islands National Park to visit the University Campus and give a talk to students.

-Donated welded sculpture to Mt. Baldy Zen Center and a ceramic sculpture to Angel City Zen Center

-Commission for Nordic Style bowl set

-Senior Capstone Project with Patricia Keller for SRIRS, ceramic dishware and wall mural on Santa Rosa Island.

-Studio Assistant for artist Marianne McGrath, creating installations for gallery exhibits

-Studio Technician at CSUCI, ceramic and sculpture studios

-Sold ceramics in Contrast, shop in Downtown Ventura

-Showcased artwork at Artist Brew, Downtown Ventura

-Collaboration on dishware with ceramic artist Ashley Konzman with HappyHappa Pottery, Somis, CA

-Developed Apunagirl Ceramics Brand

-First Friday Open Studio at Bell Arts Factory, Ventura

-Concrete Jungle Brewery; Taproom Manager, Event Planner, Social Media and Marketing Coverage

-Attended NCECA in Portland, OR



-Internship at MMClay in Hayes Valley, SF. Production Pottery. 

-Ceramics shown in a school exhibit at Ventura College

-First Friday Open Studio at Bell Arts Factory, Ventura


-President of Young Urban Zen Club at Ventura College

-Led meditation classes at Bell Arts Factory


-Theater and Arts Camp Director for C.A.T.S. Summer Camps

-Sales at Edge Fitness Club, Oxnard CA

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