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Enhance Your Artistic Career

With solution based critique we can work together and create actionable steps to help you take your artistic career to the next level!

Artistic Consulting

We meet and learn about your process, your purpose in creating or making, and set realistic goals for your artistic career.

How To Push Yourself Creatively

We will take your goals and ideas, flesh them out, and come up with actionable steps to help you succeed in your artistic endeavor.

Why Do You Make?

Do you want to eventually make it big? Or perhaps you like being self sufficient but want to branch out. We will discuss the differences of creative development and explore ways to get you to the next level.

Pricing Your Work

How you price your work varies greatly on the "why" behind your practice. We will discuss in great detail the variations of pricing your work, creating a budget, pursuing avenues of selling, and looking at how to get your artwork moving.

Solution Based Critique

Aesthetic support offered on artworks, concepts, websites, logos, business names, product lines, business cards, marketing, promoting, and more.


From exploring your conceptual elements of making to the detailed aspects of your business, I will teach based on your own individual needs from the knowledge and experience gained throughout my own artistic career and education.

Pricing of Sessions

First Intro Session

One hour session to establish your initial goals and a timeline.


Additional Sessions

One hour regular meetings, discussions, & check ins.



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